Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Weekend Roundup 'T'

Finally it is a nice Spring day - but before I go outside to enjoy the day, it's time to participate in Tom's fun photo meme The Weekend Roundup. There are a number of subjects beginning wit today's letter, so let's begin...

Starts with 'T' includes the old Traymore Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. I don't know why, but Grandpa took lots of photos of the long gone stately resort. The top is 1949 or 1950, the middle from 1956 and with Aunt Terry in 1969.

Here is a Tree at Trinity Cemetery in Seymour CT.

And here is a Tractor at Bomba Farm also in Seymour after a harvest.

Tall. T'is not the season but here is a Tall-ish Christmas tree next to Ansonia's City Hall a few years ago. It looks nice on that cold evening. Have a great week!

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Shadow Shot Sunday - A Gaggle

I think a multitude of geese is a gaggle - as are the shadows of our friends from Canada. So for Shadow Shot Sunday 2 we see a few geese foraging at Osbornedale State Park in neighboring Derby CT. Some see these as pests, but not here - I see them as majestic avians gracing the land. And their equally  magnificent shadows too!

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - 'S'

More rain on a Friday - nine in a row says the CT weather forecasters on TV. Not that the weather today matters as it is time for Tom's fun meme The Weekend Roundup. I have another eclectic series of scenes in store...

We begin with a Side Profile of our furry feline Linus McDonald looking rather regal from the side.

Given my heritage, naturally the steeltown of Steubenville  Ohio. On top is all Seven Villers children on the front steps of our grandparents Steubenville home at 1645 Oregon avenue, June 1967. Below that is from 1999 when the always lovely Patti and I visited my alma mater. Another look at Steubenville! 

Here is a great meal at one of our favorite restaurants, Rosa Mina in Ansonia. One of my favorite choices is Sausage and peppers over Spaghetti. Good eating!

A Favorite. This is the Osborne Homestead Museum at Osbornedale State Park in Derby CT. Frances Osborne Kellogg was an amazing and accomplished woman, She deeded the estate and farm to the state. I like the farmhouse and landscaping - it is lovely indeed. Have a great week all!

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Shadow Shot Sunday - Concrete Carpet

It has been a rainy and cool Spring so far in Southern New England. Thus, any sun we get we gladly bask in its appearance. So for Shadow Shot Sunday, this week's sparse sun exposed for us a shadowy 'carpet' on the patio as the iron table leaves a wonderful pattern. Akin to an area rug, this pattern satisfies!

Friday, May 3, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - 'R'

It is Friday so time again for Tom's fun meme, The Weekend Roundup. Given my name, I like this week's letter :)

Starts with 'R'.  How about a generation of guys named Ralph. (L-R)  Grandpa, Dad and myself (age 16) on an unusually warm Christmas Day 1971 in Eat Hartford, CT.

A delectable 'R' is grilled vegetables consisting of eggplant, asparagus and Roasted Red peppers at Carmine's in New Haven.

Our daughter's  first car was a Red 1996 Plymouth Neon.

Here are red Roma tomatoes from a harvest a few years ago.

A Favorite. We have a single tulip next to our patio. It has been a cold and rainy Spring, and on Tuesday it remained closed.However with a bit of sun, it opened on Thursday. Spring has sprung!

Friday, April 26, 2019

The Weekend Roundup - 'Q'

Friday is here so it is now time for Tom's always fun meme, The Weekend Roundup. 'Q' is altough letter, so I may be taking a few liberties here :)

'Q' stands for the New York City borough of Queens. The following two photos are from Easter Sunday 1961, in front of our apartment building at 204-03 42nd Avenue in Bayside Queens. On top, Grandpa, Aunt Terry, Michele, Sharon, Claudia and Vicki - when there were only 5 Villers kids. Grandpa (Ralph I), Dad (Ralph II) and myself are in the faded bottom photo.

Here is a 2017 photo from Bayside Queens. I was driving under the 42nd Avenue footbridge, the apartment was only 3 blocks to the right...

Here is a Quartet of chicken legs being basted while charring over charcoal...

Here is a Quintet of vegetables also being grilled over charcoal. I counted five different veggies - I hope that's correct :)

A Favorite. How about chocolate dipped strawberries from Tidmarsh's baked goods in Ansonia. The berries were ripe, the chocolate coating divine. It was a tasty treat and thus my fave for the week. Have a great week all!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 - The Always Lovely Patti

In the blogosphere, I have often referred to the Always Lovely Patti. This of course being my very lovely spouse for nearly 33 years. So for those who have yet to meet her, I have borrowed her shadowy 'selfie' for Shadow Shot Sunday 2. She is equally as lovely in person :)

The Weekend Roundup 'T'

Finally it is a nice Spring day - but before I go outside to enjoy the day, it's time to participate in Tom's fun photo meme The Wee...