Friday, January 11, 2019

The Weekend Roundup 'B'

Ah yes, it is Friday and again time for Tom's fun meme The Weekend Roundup. The second letter of the alphabet is perfect to transport me back to warmer days and seasons - as it is too cold for me in here the Winter (although Southern New England is not nearly as where Tom lives in the Lake Effect Snow Belt of Western NY).Here we go...

First is the Atlantic City Boardwalk through the ages - or decades! Here is, at least it looks like the late 1930s in front of the legendary Steeplechase Pier. That's my Dad, so I'm  guessing it's him at age 11, the summer of 1939.

Here is my dad in the USAAF along with his Dad (aka: Grandpa). He was in the service 1945-1847, so I think this was 1946 on the Boardwalk.

This is 1954, in the Auumn. Grandpa is carrying my big sister  Michele seven months or so (we were only a family of three then). Aunt Terry is in front. There were many visitors on the Boardwalk even out of vacation season!

This is the summer of 1965 and from 6-9 A.M. in those days (pre-casinos), you could rent Bicycles and ride them on the Boardwalk. Six of the seven Villers children are here with Dad.

Finally, this is 1978 and my last trip to the Atlantic City Boardwalk. Here is Grandma in front of the very first Casino that opened after the state of New Jersey approved gambling and before the glass and steel edifices seen today.  I miss the old days as a kid with a briny surf, soft sand and Taylor Pork Roll sandwiches - the best vacations!

Of course another example of the letter 'B' is Bridge, more specifically the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge in New York City. This the way to go to visit our son in Brooklyn. Have a great week!

Friday, January 4, 2019

The Weekend Roundup 'A'

Happy new year to all! I've been away for the holiday from Tom's fun meme The Weekend Roundup. The alphabet begins anew this week, so I have found a few...

Grandpa loved to take state line signs in his travels. Here is Arizona, I guess in 1938. I am unsure of where, but given the topography, perhaps entering westbound from New Mexico along US-60.
I live in Ansonia, Ct and this is the remains of the old Ansonia Copper & Brass along the Naugatuck River. Funding is being secured for demolition and environmental cleanup to be repurposed and a new modern industry to follow...
Then there is Antipasto. This was a fab choice for our Apéritif at a local restaurant. 
The final 'A' today is daughter Allegra, here in her role as a docent (representing 1762) for the local Derby Historical Society.
A Favorite. The always lovely Patti captured this cardinal on New Year's Day. What a great pose. Have a great week!

Friday, December 14, 2018

The Weekend Roundup 'X'

Friday is here, and is the perfect day for Tom's fun meme, The Weekend Roundup. Today's letter has it's challenges, so with a little finesse, here we go... 

Extra Long. At only 12 lbs., Sir Humphrey was not large. However, when given the room, he could really stretch out!

Here's an oddity containing a 'X', the Mason-Dixon Line - the Pennsylvania-Maryland state line.  This was along US-1 in Aug. 2000.

How about Exposure? The always lovely Patti captures herself while driving on the I-91 Expressway in Middletown, CT. Like the camera, it is a point-and-shoot...

Looks like an 'X' (or kind of close to an 'X' :). This is a photoo taken when my Dad was in the US Army Air Force 1945-1947. I believe this was then Keesler Army Airfield (now AFB) in Biloxi, Mississippi. The plane looks like a C-47.

A Favorite. This is a great looking Winter sunset out our back window last week. I am not a fan of the cold - but the cold weather artistry is beautiful. Have a great week!

Friday, November 30, 2018

The Weekend Roundup 'V'

It is Friday and  I am back, so it's time again for Tom's always fun meme The Weekend Roundup. The letter 'V' is easy for me for at least one reason - it includes my surname which is Villers :)

This is the oldest Villers pic I have. I believe the year to be 1913, but cannot tell since it was in a scrapbook and the paper is hiding the postmark year. It is my grandfather at age 11-12. In those days, photos could be sent as a postcard and this was sent to his grandmother, Mrs. J.A. Yoho of Akron, Ohio. i found another 'V' here: It was mailed from Wheeling, West Virginia!

The next generation was my Dad, Ralph I. Villers II. Here is 1947, Dad and my Aunt Theresa. I think this along U.S. 40 at the Maryland-Delaware state line.

Next is a Vintage Villers Vacation! I am in a beach wheelchair with the always lovely Patti beside. The place is Craigville Beach on Cape Cod.

A favorite. Patti took this unique view in 2011 and she calls this Church and State. Taken in Norfolk Connecticut, the bell is in an old stone monument (state) by a steeple and cross. I don't know what it is, but this is one of my favorites. Have a great week!

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 - Shadowy Chèvre

Whhat is more cute than babies - more specifically, baby goats? Two month old siblings Bonnie and Clyde were showcased in downtown Seymour Connecticut recently. These adorable goats were bathed in shadow on a glorious day, so are perfect subjects for Shadow Shot Sunday 2. The cuteness never ends with these fur babies :)

Friday, November 16, 2018

The Weekend Roundup 'T'

It is Friday and thus time again for Tom's always fun meme The Weekend Roundup. And away we go...

It is less than a week before Thanksgiving, so here are some of the ingredients we use for our stuffing. No, we do not cube the bread, preferring the box mix, but the smell of sausage and onions and celery sautéing on Thanksgiving morn makes up for that!

Then there is Television. This is Grandpa in front of his (maybe new) Motorola TV in I guess 1952 or 1953. 

 Here are colorful Tea Wreaths for sale at a local craft fair. 

These are sandwiches and more served at an Afternoon Tea at the lovely Tea Roses in Cromwell, Connecticut.

 The final 'T' I'm using is Tent, this canopy at July 4 fireworks in Derby, CT a couple of years ago.

A Favorite. This sparse view is the last of the foliage over Pickett's Pond in Derby, CT. Have a great week!

Friday, November 9, 2018

The Weekend Roundup 'S'

It's yet another rainy Friday in New England, so a perfect time for Tom's fun meme The Weekend Roundup. The letter 'S' is featured this week, and I have an interesting mix...

Our neighbor to the North is Seymour CT and this is attractive Summer landscaping leading to its downtown.

And here is a pair of Seals sunning themselves at Connecticut's Mystic Aquarium. Photo taken in 1999.

A mere two miles from our home is the Sevino Vineyards in Woodbridge, CT. I had the glass of white which was a Seyval Blanc, perfect for today's post!

I couldn't forget an obvious 'S' given my heritage, that being Steubenville, OH. Here is Grandpa in 1955 by his work vehicle, a '55 Plymouth

A Favorite. The always lovely Patti captured this blue jay on the gutter - and he seems to be posing for her. What a great capture of this winsome avian. Have a great week!

The Weekend Roundup 'B'

Ah yes, it is Friday and again time for Tom's fun meme  The Weekend Roundup . The second letter of the alphabet is perfect to transport ...